Notes from Green Thumb Farm: Early December ‘15


Our season is drawing to a close; As every year, some crops have done well and others were more challenging.  We try every year to bring a large diversity of fresh Organic, local produce to our members for our season - Running from early June through mid December.  Though we never have enough of some crops for for some members and too much of other crops for some members, we do the best we can over the season to bring in whats abundant at the time.

We enjoy growing the diversity, and Organic is the only way to grow, although it has its challenges.  We hope all our CSA members have enjoyed the fruits and vegetables of our labors!

We would like to thank all our members for their continued support as we end our 20th CSA season.

Our CSA groups have helped our east-end Long Island farm continue thriving as our next generation of family farmers begins to take over our Green Thumb Farm.

Happy Holidays to all; Thanks again for supporting your Local, Certified Organic Family Farm.

Organically Yours,
Farmer Bill

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