About Our Fruit Farmer and Their Methods


As you know, Hepworth Farms will provide our fruit for the season. They provide for other CSAs in the area, and from what I've heard, the fruit is fantastic. Cobble Hill CSA has a little writeup from Amy and Gerry, our farmers, which should give you a little more info about the fruit and the way it is produced:

Hepworth Farms is a small diversified ecologically managed farm located on the banks of the Hudson River. Our farm has been in our family for seven generations. Our last 25 years of work have been dedicated to organic and ecologically sustainable farming.

For the 2007 season, we will grow certified ecologically grown fruit. Our food is grown in the Whole Farm Alive Systems Approach, using Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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Cobble Hill CSA [their farmers page]