Volunteer Info

Volunteering for Hellgate CSA

Hellgate CSA is volunteer run. Everyone contributes to the functioning of the group. It simply doesn't happen without everyone pitching in.

Volunteer shifts are from  4pm - 6pm (Opening) and 6-8pm (Closing). 

Please dress appropriately for lifting boxes, moving things around and general helping out.
Duties include weighing out the fruit. Setting up the space, signing people in, answering (to the best of your ability) questions about the share, restocking, and cleaning up. You will receive a reminder email a couple of days prior to your shift.

To sign up for a volunteer shift with the CSA, log in and click on the Season Calendar link in the right sidebar.
That will take you to an interactive calendar where can choose a date. If you need help finding a shift let us know.
We do occasionally offer alternatives to Tuesday volunteering. Write us if you need help.

Note: only the person who ordered the share initially can log into this site. Share partners are encouraged to work out the volunteering for their share amongst themselves. If you are a share partner and you want to volunteer, have the registered member log in and register for the volunteer shift.

Questions? Need help finding a spot?  Email us. We look forward to working with you!