What is a CSA?
CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA is an arrangement between a small farmer and a group of consumers who want fresher, healthier produce. Each CSA member buys a "share" before the beginning of the growing season and when the harvest begins the farmer delivers the fresh produce weekly. The CSA has a partner relationship with our farmers and we share in the rewards and risks throughout the growing season.
Think of it like pitching in on a one year lease of a farm, you own a "share" of everything that the farm produces during the growing season, and it is delivered weekly to you. The vegetables are picked the day before distribution and are organically and locally grown. This insures that CSA members like you receive the fresh, healthy, and sustainable produce.

What is the administration fee?
The administration fee is used to pay for rent, supplies for the distribution site, other fees such as the cost of banking and other unforeseen expenses. The administration fee is not used for labor costs (since the CSA is run entirely by volunteers), and does not benefit any one individual. In addition, if you cannot meet your volunteer requirement during the season, you will be required to purchase a volunteer waiver of $50.

How do I pay for my share in the CSA?
Full payment  is due when you join. Payment can be made by check or cash.

Please mail to:

Hellgate CSA
2268 31st Street
Unit 5823
Astoria, NY 11105

What if I can't pay for the full share up front?
Wer have a limited number of payment plans available, please ask.

What other options are available for lower income members?
Hellgate CSA continues to explore various funding options to make CSA shares more affordable to lower income members. Many CSAs find ways to make a certain number of shares more affordable, and we ask Hellgate members to consider contributing to this effort.
We use contributions donated by members to subsidize a number of shares for low-income members.Your contributions are the base which  enable us to continue  fund a number of low-income shares every year. Any contribution you give will be used exclusively toward this effort. Please contact Hellgate CSA if you are a member and believe you may qualify.

How do I get my vegetables?
You pick up your vegetable share weekly, on Tuesdays, between 5 - 7:45 p.m. at 4101 Ditmars Blvd, corner of Ditmars and 41st Street. We encourage you to meet your CSA neighbors and be neighborly! Offer to pick up for someone or ask someone to pick up for you one week!

What does a weekly share look like?
The share includes around 12 items that have been harvested less than 24 hours before they reach your table. The share changes from week to week based upon what  fruits and vegetables are in season.  For images our past share take a look at our Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/hellgatecsa/   @hellgatecsa

Do I have to do anything else? YES! (Volunteering)
Our CSA is run on a volunteer basis - there are no paid employees. CSA members are required, as part of their commitment to the CSA, to sign up to volunteer for at least one shift per vegetable and fruit share. Volunteer shifts revolve around 1) setting up the distribution when shares are delivered by the farmer during late morning/early afternoon, or 2) helping run distribution during the season. You'll sign people in, identify the produce for the week, and get a chance to meet people in your community!

Why do I have to volunteer?
Because the CSA has no paid employees, we ask that every member help when and how they can.

Where do the vegetables come from?
The Hellgate CSA has a relationship with Hepworth Farm in Milton, NY. The farm delivers the shares to our distribution site weekly, June through Novemnber. You can find more information on our farms on our About Hellgate CSA page.

What if I hate/am allergic to/don't want something?
Hate cucumbers? Eggplant? Just don't like tomato? If you have an aversion to asparagus, we suggest you leave it behind in the swap box and take an alternate item. Chances one person's unwanted Brussel sprouts and broccoli are another's delight!

Where do the leftovers go?
Hellgate CSA leftovers are donated to Hour Children Food Pantry in Long Island City. http://hourchildren.org/?page_id=135

What is the Hellgate? Why such a funny name?
The Hell Gate Bridge is Astoria's most beautiful landmark (ok, well we think so). Built in 1916 over the Hell Gate channel (named for its turbulent and deadly current), it was the largest steel-arch bridge in the world. The Hell Gate Bridge was last restored in 1996 when it was repainted "Hell Gate Red." More about the bridge and its colorful history can be found on its wikipedia site -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell_Gate_Bridge

Still have questions? Send us an e-mail and we'll try to answer your question as best as we can. Maybe we'll even add it to this page!