Notes from Green Thumb Farm


July is here and asparagus and strawberries are gone. Despite all the rain and cool weather, our berry crop was good. Not as sweet as we would have liked -- we needed more sunshine and warmth for that.

It was one of the coldest and wettest Junes on record. Our other crops have been a week or two slower to come on as well. Lettuce, herbs and radishes have all done well. Our scallions, carrots, beets and fennal are all arriving shortly, as well as fava beans and peas. Beans and squash will be here by mid-month.

Due to all the wet weather, our planting schedules have been dissrupted. Most of June's plantings went in 10 days to 2 weeks later than normal. This may mean tomatoes, peppers and eggplants will be later.

Thanks to all who came to visit us on our farm tour last week! It was a wonderful, sunny day.

Organically yours,
Farmer Bill