Notes from Green Thumb Farm


We finally had 5 sunny days in a row!

After a long cold, damp, rainy June, the warmth of summer has begun. Over the last month our planting schedules have been disrupted and our crops, when we could get them in the ground, have not been growning at their usual rates; meaning heat loving crops such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers and melons will arrive later than normal.

Other crops such as lettuces, herbs, radishes and greens have been growing very well. Our first bean and squash plantings have begun, also doing well. Our peas have had a good season and will continue for a couple more weeks. Fava Beans are done - only a 2 week season and they are gone for the year. Spring onions have just started a couple weeks late. Fennel, beets, carrots, scallions and radichios all are ready - so the selection is now seasonable and varied - seemingly back to normal and the beat goes on.

Organically yours,
Farmer Bill