Green Thumb Farm - End of Season Newsletter

Hello Green Thumb C.S.A. family,

Winter-time holiday season is upon us already, and we cannot believe how quickly this year's CSA deliveries went!  Our farm-stand had its last day of business for the year a week ago, and the final drop-offs of weekly shares are going out this week.  Most of the fields are tucked away with cover-crops for the winter months, to protect and rejuvenate them for next year.  Recently, we have been tightening up greenhouses, cleaning machinery and preparing for our smaller, local winter CSA.  We had our first dustings of snow a few days ago, and the temperature has definitely been reminding us that winter is here.

We hope that everybody has enjoyed the produce that has been making its way from our farm to you.  The fields were flowing all year with a beautiful bounty of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers.  There were some ups and downs throughout the season, and we apologize for the confusion that has brought.  We aim to please, and will be sending out a survey for our members to participate in; as we learn and grow together, we would love to hear your questions and comments for ideas in going forward.

Thus concludes our 22nd C.S.A. season, thank you again for all your continued support!   You make it possible for us to spread our wonderful produce further than most of us travel during the season; Supplying over 300 families through just our weekly deliveries, something to be very grateful and humbled by.  We look forward to growing with you next year.  Love and blessings.

Organically Yours,

The Green Thumb Farm Family