Notes From Green Thumb Farm


Mid-August is here and the heat has arrived. After cooler and wetter than normal June and July, we now seem to be ina a hot dry spell.

Summer squash are finally arriving in quantity - our 4th planting - cucumber and pickles - 3rd planting are also doing well. It will be a short season for both of these as September is around the corner and both these crops will begin to go down-hill with the cooler weather.

Our Tomato crop - the 1st planting of large and paste tomatoes have all rotted in the field due to the extreme wetness with coll temperatures over the past 2 months. We do have some mini-tomatoes we'll be picking and the plants in our 2nd tomato planting look better - at least for now!

Eggplants are doing well as are lettuces, leeks and peppers.

Another year and more challenges!

Organically yours,
Farmer Bill