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Hello and Welcome to all of the new and returning members fo The Green Thumb Farm's 21st Community Shared Agriculture Season! This year we have begun transitioning into new management for our CSA program; the next generation of Green Thumb family farmers. Under the guidance of Farmer Bill, with the support of your CSA membership, we are cimmitted to continue providing the highest quality Certified Organic produce.

Notes from Green Thumb Farm: Early December ‘15


Our season is drawing to a close; As every year, some crops have done well and others were more challenging.  We try every year to bring a large diversity of fresh Organic, local produce to our members for our season - Running from early June through mid December.  Though we never have enough of some crops for for some members and too much of other crops for some members, we do the best we can over the season to bring in whats abundant at the time.

Notes from Green Thumb Farm: Mid-November 2015


Fall is here, summer crops are gone for another year... but we still have plenty of homegrown organic produce in our fields: many types of kales, Oriental greens, Italian greens, beets, carrots, summer and winter radishes, turnips and rutabagas. Lettuce is also making a return for our last delivery weeks.

We still have lots of sweet potatoes and winter squashes in our storage for deliveries until we finish for the year.

Our last delivery week will be the 2nd week of December which is rapidly approaching!

Notes from Green Thumb Farm: 11/1/2015


Summer is now behind us. We had a killing frost the morning of October 19th. Tomatoes, Peppers, Summer Squashes and Eggplants were all gone that morning. We have managed to pick a few more of each of these from lower down on the plants, which were protected by the plants leaves.  We have finished picking all of these now, so we will be bringing in more of our fall crops; Kales, Pac Chois, Salad greens, Turnips, Radishes, Winter Squashes, Sweet Potatoes, Scallions, Beets and Carrots.

Notes from Green Thumb Farm - October 16, 2015


I hope everyone who wanted to come to visit our farm last Saturday were able to. It was a chance to see what we’re doing, see some of our crops, and talk with the farmer. Next chance to visit for a tour will be June 2016 for our Strawberry picking and farm tour.

Our fall crops are beginning to come in well.  Kales - Green and Red Curly; White and Red Russian; and Lacinato all being picked now. Collard greens, 3 types of Pac Choi, tat soi, red and green mizuna, arugula, and red and green mustard.


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