Notes from Green Thumb Farm: Mid-November 2015


Fall is here, summer crops are gone for another year... but we still have plenty of homegrown organic produce in our fields: many types of kales, Oriental greens, Italian greens, beets, carrots, summer and winter radishes, turnips and rutabagas. Lettuce is also making a return for our last delivery weeks.

We still have lots of sweet potatoes and winter squashes in our storage for deliveries until we finish for the year.

Our last delivery week will be the 2nd week of December which is rapidly approaching!

Jerusalem artichokes and some herbs will be brought in over the weeks.

There is some broccoli, though the deer have begun eating it, as well as most of our cauliflowers and romanesque broccoli. Because of the summer drought, our spinach got off to a late start and wouldn’t be ready until spring of ’16 (Unless the geese eat it during the winter) - that's farming!

Organically Yours,

Farmer Bill

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