Green Thumb Farm Newsletter - July



Happy July, we hope everybody enjoyed their holiday weekend, and all the

produce that has been coming in from our fields. Our fields are filling up with

beautiful produce to send in! With the abundance of sun and much needed rain
recently, everything is growing strong and healthy.
Beets, carrots, summer squash, as well as fava beans will be included in the
weeks ahead. We have a wide variety of lettuces and herbs that we will be
alternating throughout the course of the season, string beans and tomatoes are
on their way as well.
Everything has been busy, moving right along out on our farm.. Our newest
second seasonal farm-stand down the road was opened for it’s first weekend,
spreading our wonderful produce a little further. Plant sales are winding down
and our greenhouses are filled with transplants to be planted in the field.
Thank you all for your continued support; we strive to make each delivery
exciting and enjoyable.

        Organically Yours,
          Farmer Ray
           Farmer Jesse
          Farmer Clinton