September Green Thumb Newsletter


Happy almost September! It’s been busy busy around the farm the past few
months, our apologies for the delayed newsletter..Time has been flying by!
Everything has been growing well, and we hope you have been enjoying your
produce! The heat has caused our lettuces and other leafy greens to suffer a bit,
but it should be back in your bags next week. Tomatoes have been beautiful and
delicious; squash, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers and carrots have been flying out
of the fields.

We just started picking our Celery and Watermelons and Cantaloupes have begin
coming out of the fields, juicy as ever, just in time to quench everybody's thirst on
these hot summer days.

We have a bunch of beans in development, Sweet Potatoes growing and Cole Crops
have been jumping up, getting ready for the falls approach.
Hope all is well with everybody, thank you for your continued support.. enjoy all
of natures bounty while the getting’s good!

    Organically Yours,
      Farmer Ray
      Farmer Jesse
      Farmer Clinton