Lewis Waite Farm Newsletter - Fall Edition


The Autumnal Equinox is upon us and what were subtle changes in the trees, bushes, and wildflowers are becoming more evident. Bright reds of the vines and sumac and yellows of the locusts, poplars and birches are beginning to change with the shorter days. The bright greens of the grasses are showing the enjoyment of the cooler weather. Fall is a pretty wonderful season as the crispness of the air leads us into new activities and more active pursuits after the hot weather of summer. We are still haying and putting hay in the barns. Colin’s broken arm is healing and he can do a few more things now to help.

Penny, Caroline's almost-2-year-old, too is growing and trying to help in many ways. Juggling her while typing on the website is a challenge and when anyone opens up their lunch, she is there to try whatever looks interesting. The toys are an occasion obstacle course, but the joy she adds to the atmosphere is welcomed by us all. She certainly knows her way around the barn workspaces. She plays with pens and paper clips happily, rides her car along with us when we are moving boxes on the carts we have and helps to spritz the coolers with vinegar after completing the frozen foods packing for the deliveries. Having kids here the last four years or so has been very fun. It adds so much more richness to our days than any of the uproars that occasionally happens.

So we hope you are enjoying the changes in weather, schedules, and beauty around you as fall comes in with the auspiciousness of the ancient events and rituals of Stonehenge and other sacred spaces around the world.


Nancy, Alan and All of Us at the Farm