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Lewis Waite Farm Newsletter - Fall Edition


The Autumnal Equinox is upon us and what were subtle changes in the trees, bushes, and wildflowers are becoming more evident. Bright reds of the vines and sumac and yellows of the locusts, poplars and birches are beginning to change with the shorter days. The bright greens of the grasses are showing the enjoyment of the cooler weather. Fall is a pretty wonderful season as the crispness of the air leads us into new activities and more active pursuits after the hot weather of summer. We are still haying and putting hay in the barns.

Lewis Waite


In addition to the regular shares we also have the additional perk of ordering with Lewis Waite. They are a family farm upstate who partners with other small family run producers to bring us a wide variety of farm fresh, all natural, artisanal, and organic products. Ordering is happening now for next week!  They offer a range of products from breads, flours, grains, preserves and fermented foods. They offer a variety of meat and dairy, including yogurt, cheese and eggs.

9/15 Meat and Dairy Delivery Reminder



Just a reminder that orders for next Tuesday's meat and dairy deliveries is midnight tonight! If you're interested in placing an order but haven't done so before, follow these instructions to get started.

Here's Nancy's updates on the goings-on at the farm:

Dear Members,

Reminder and In the News


Meat and Dairy

Just a reminder to everyone that the deadline for this month's Meat and Dairy order is January 15th and that pick-up for orders will be on January 20th.

In The News

Many interesting op-eds and feature articles seem to have popped up this year in major newspapers all over the country concerning food, sustainable agriculture and CSAs. I wanted to share one of the op eds in the New York Times that was recently published. It is so exciting to see agriculture being discussed and so many passionate voices being shared!

Meat/dairy shares will go through the winter!


You don't have to have a monthly share to purchase meat, eggs, cheese, honey, syrup and jam from Lewis Waite Farm. The monthly distribution dates over the winter will be: December 18, January 22, February 26, March 18, April 29, and May 20.

Here are the instructions for ordering:

News from Lewis Waite Farm


News from Lewis Waite Farm


Farm Update
The haying is finally done! The last bale put in the barn. It is ironic that the season began quite late when the early summer rains would not quit, and now we wind up the last of the haying in a drought. The ground is very dry. The grass on the hills where the soil is rocky and thin is burnt and brown. Certain patches of the pastures seem green but re-growth after the last trimming by the cows is very slow to come back. All the seasonal streams are dry and the streams that generally run all year seem a trickle of their former selves. Luckily we have 2 ponds to use for emergency watering. Today’s forecast included rain but we have yet to see a rain cloud looming. Garden seeds planted for fall crops of carrots, beets, lettuce, kale and kohlrabi are barely germinating. Let’s hope for a couple of days of steady light rains to jump-start our transition to fall. The leaves of some of the trees in dry locations are starting to turn their fall colors and falling. This is the end of the dog days of summer. The good thing is that the tomatoes love it, our swimming in our pond and tubing on the Battenkill are extended, and there is plenty of war weather to come before the chilly winds begin.

News from Lewis Waite Farm, 19 August 2007


News from Lewis Waite Farm

Spring at Lewis Waite Farm

3 Corner Field Farm

3 Corner Field Farm supplies grass-fed lamb and mutton as well as sheep's' milk cheese and yogurt to the CSAs. They are one of the few farms in the country that milk sheep for use in the production of gourmet cheeses and yogurt. Their sheep are raised with care and respect on beautiful, organically managed pastures, and never given hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. They are raised the old-fashioned way: outdoors, on pasture, eating natural grass, clover, and alfalfa. The result is tastier and more wholesome food for you, a better life for the sheep, and a healthier environment for all of us.

The following websites are from the local newspaper, The Post-Star. The first is a marvelous video of Karen and the workings of the farm and the second is an interesting write-up of 3 Corner Field Farm. Enjoy!

Video: Down on the Sheep Farm

Article: A Rarer Breed of Cheese

Karen will be having a new batch of lamb for this order. We've got it listed on the website.

West River Creamery

West River Creamery, the home of the raw cow's milk cheeses is running short of the Middletown Tomme this month and they are waiting for their next batch to complete its aging process so this will not be available this month. They do have 3 new cheeses to try:

  • A raw cow's milk Feta cheese to offer in approximately 1/2 lb blocks at $10 each.
  • An ~ 8oz container of Marinated Feta with grape seed oil, garlic, sun dried tomato, fresh ground black pepper, oregano, thyme, and rosemary for $8.00
  • A smooth, soft washed rind cheese with a bold and rich flavor called Three Mountain Cheese in an approximately 1/3lb wedge for $6.50 each. Try some!

News From Lewis Waite Farm, 9 June 2007


News from Lewis Waite Farm

Spring at Lewis Waite Farm

Nancy and Runty

Well, the inevitable happened today (Tuesday June 5). I finally did a full back flop in the muddiest part of the pig pen! I have skidded down muddy slopes. I have tripped and fallen to my knees. I have gone sliding and arms flailing down a slippery clay slope. As a skier for many years, I am pretty good at keeping my balance. But never until today did I have to undress from my muddy slimy jeans and jacket in the porch before I came inside. Luckily we live on a dead end road. Luckily it was raining and cold all day so I had long pants and a waterproof jacket. And luckily I was all done with my chores and I just had to put away the wheelbarrow and come inside.

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