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First Distribution June 5: Fresh Veggies and Core Member Meet and Greet!


Welcome to a new year of delicious produce through Hellgate CSA!

You're invited to pick up the first delivery of fresh vegetables this
Tuesday, June 5, anytime between 5:30 and 7:30 pm at Fresh Start
Organic Market (on 23rd Avenue just west of 31st Street).

This week, you'll also have the opportunity to meet many members of
the CSA's core group, who will be working this week's distribution,
greeting everyone, and answering any questions about the food, the

First Share Information - June 8th, 2010


Good morning Hellgate CSA Members,

The first distribution for those of you with VEGETABLE SHARES is tomorrow, June 8th, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.
There will be cookies and lemonade served in the back and some core members will be there to meet and greet you.

A few notes:
- Bring bags for your veggies. If you have extra plastic bags, please bring them to donate to others who may need them. There will be a spot at the front of the line for the extra plastic bags.

Election Day Share


Good morning! This weeks share is very exciting. We still have string beans coming in and a continued array of root vegetables. There is a wonderful write-up on Kohlrabi in the newsletter this week. Also, I'll be posting a few recipes on Wednesday or Thursday for several of the items in this week's share.

Just a note, if there are greens still attached with this weeks turnips, be sure to save these as they are wonderful sauteed.


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