Green Thumb Farm Notes

Notes from Green Thumb Farm, 12 November 2007


farmer-bill.jpgFall now seems to be here - our eggplants and peppers are done for the year. Sweet potatoes and winter squash are still in storage and many types of root crops all will be brought in for the next several weeks. Look for cabbages, oriental and other greens and some herbs as we finish out the year.

Notes From Green Thumb Farm, 1 October 2007


farmer-bill.jpgFall is upon us; the weather will be changing soon as the days will get shorter. We still have a field of tomatoes getting ready to ripen, and with enough warm days we'll have tomatoes until Halloween. We will start picking some green tomatoes next week, so get out your favorite fried green tomato recipes!

Notes from Green Thumb Farm 17 September 2007


farmer billSummer is coming to a close and fall is on the way.  Our pumpkin picking farm tour is scheduled for Saturday, October 13th, rain or shine.  It's a riding tour on a trailer pulled by a tractor through some of our fields and farm yard, where we'll be viewing some animals and farm equipment, seeing some fall crops and finishing with everyone picking a pumpkin.  There is no charge for the tour, but reserva

Notes From Green Thumb Farm 4 September 2007


Farmer BillSummer is coming to a close and our summer bounty will soon be giving way to our fall crops. We still have plenty of tomatoes, eggplant, scallions, and carrots. More squash and bean plantings are still coming on. We hope to have winter squash happening as well. Our fall greens will be starting soon - tat soi and pak chois of several types, as well as a new red mizuna by the end of September.

Notes from Green Thumb Farm 19 August 2007


Farmer BillAugust is half-way through and the produce is happening!  Tomatoes of all types are in full swing:  large red, yellow, orange, and heirlooms; Italian paste in multiple varieties of red, yellow, and purple; mini tomatoes; yellow with red stripes, and grape tomatoes of both red and yellow.

Notes from Green Thumb Farm 3 August 2007


farmer billAugust is here and so is the hot dry weather. No rain in the last two weeks has begun to stress out some of our crops, especially the greens - lettuces, chards, beets, and herbs. With our wide selection of crops, many are still starting so we should have plenty for the next couple months.

Notes from Green Thumb Farm, 5 June 2007


Another season is upon us and our first deliveries are happening. Because of our cold spring, our strawberries are arriving later than expected, but with the heat of last week they are finally ripening. Our first weeks we will be bringing in lettuces, salad and culinary herbs, radishes, and some asparagus. Swiss chards and our different types of peas should arrive by mid-month, with beets and carrots soon thereafter.


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