Granola and Egg Update


As you know, eggs and granola that were part of Tuesday's share were not available at Tuesday's pickup. They will be delivered and available for pickup on Sunday. Please refer to the email you should have received from Hellgate CSA listing the place and time of pickup. If you did not receive an email about Sunday's pickup, please contact

Thank you for your patience and to everyone who made this second delivery possible.

No Fruit July 8


Just an FYI to those with fruit shares - THERE IS NO FRUIT THIS WEEK, JULY 8.

Apparently, the farm ran out of fruit!  This is the first time it's ever happened.  Gerry, one of our farmers, blames it on mother nature - strawberries, cherries, and apples are all gone, and the upcoming fruit isn't quite ripe.   Sounds like this season has been a bit out of the ordinary.  They will make it up to us next week with extra fruit.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Iced Tea at Distribution


Thanks to Freeze Peach (yet again!) we are providing free iced tea tomorrow at distribution!  Be sure to stop in when you come to pick up your veggies and fruit, for a free cup of iced tea.   We hope to provide our members with free tea the first Tuesday of each month during the CSA season.

See you at distribution!

2008 Hellgate CSA Signup


Sign-up for the 2008 season has begun! An email went out today - please contact us if you were a member in 2007 but you didn't get a notice about rejoining this season. Here is the content of the email:

Hello 2007 Hellgate CSA members!

We are now opening registration for the 2008 season for last years members! The season runs from June 10th through November 25th, and includes vegetable, fruit, herb, basil, and tomato shares.

Meat/dairy shares will go through the winter!


You don't have to have a monthly share to purchase meat, eggs, cheese, honey, syrup and jam from Lewis Waite Farm. The monthly distribution dates over the winter will be: December 18, January 22, February 26, March 18, April 29, and May 20.

Here are the instructions for ordering:

Volunteers needed for October 2nd


If you haven't yet volunteered this season, and are available to work this Tuesday's distribution, we need volunteers for both the 12-3 pm slot and the 5-8 pm slot. If you can lend a hand on October 2, we'd really appreciate it! Please email if you can help. Thank you.


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