Bags, Bags, Bags


A big thank you to all who came with their own bags, and especially to those who came with cloth bags. We support and encourage re-use and sustainable patterns like these. However, if you are lacking in the cloth bag department, fear not! We are in the process of ordering some wonderful environmentally-friendly bags from Enviro-Tote, which specializes in producing bags made of recycled cotton and organic cotton.

A Little About Mizuna


MizunaAt distribution today, a number of people were mystified as to what mizuna actually is. My readings indicate that mizuna (Brassica juncea var. japonica) is a Japanese mustard green, also known as Xiu Cai, Kyona, Japanese Mustard, Potherb Mustard, Japanese Greens and California Peppergrass.

Notes from Green Thumb Farm, 5 June 2007


Another season is upon us and our first deliveries are happening. Because of our cold spring, our strawberries are arriving later than expected, but with the heat of last week they are finally ripening. Our first weeks we will be bringing in lettuces, salad and culinary herbs, radishes, and some asparagus. Swiss chards and our different types of peas should arrive by mid-month, with beets and carrots soon thereafter.

Reminders About Distribution


First distribution is coming up! If you're like me, you're really excited to get your first CSA share of the sesason. So, here are some details to help you navigate Tuesday's fun:

Distribution day one! Vegetable distribution runs 5:30-7:30pm* in front of the Freeze Peach Cafe at 22-00 29th Street every Tuesday -- except the week of the 4th of July.

More Reasons to Buy Local


This came through my email box earlier this month, and thought I'd pass it along to you:

More Reasons to Buy Local

Each year, the average American consumes 260 pounds of imported food.

98.7% of foods imported into the U.S. are NOT inspected by the FDA for safety.

Fruit Share News


Thought I'd post a little bit more info about what you're likely to see in your fruit share!

Our Fruit Share comes from Hepworth Farms

Beginning of summer: strawberries, cherries, possibly rhubarb

Mid-summer: peaches (different varieties), plums (different varieties), nectarines, possibly apricots