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Most of us joined a CSA to know the source of our food and have a direct relationship with the farmer providing that food. There may be other reasons you joined from being part of a community to wanting to support local small farmers to just loving fresh veggies and fruit. Whatever the reason, welcome and enjoy!

Notes From Green Thumb Farm


Greetings from the Farm,

Our deliveries begin this month with our Spring crops of strawberries, lettuces and herbs. Our crops are coming in later than last year because of the cold Spring (especially nights) which made the plants grow more slowly.

In addition to our Spring harvest crops, our tomatoes, beans, squash (of different varieties), beets, carrots, scallions, fennel and chards are all planted and growing well. These will be begin to be ready starting, possibly, by the end of the month or July.

June 9th - First Share of the Season!


Hello everyone and welcome back to another amazing season of beautiful locally grown produce!

Vegetable share only this week:

- 1 qt strawberries
- asparagus
- black beans (in the shell, dried)
- kale
- lettuce

FYI, the next meat & dairy delivery is on June 16th. The deadline for the order is June 11th. Fruit shares start June 23rd and herb shares start later this month, date tba.

See you at distribution and don't forget to bring your bags!

Meet Your Core Group

Marta Ameri
CSA Role: Setup coordinator
Duties Include: Helping set up distribution, intercept farm deliveries, breakdown distribution sometimes knowing ahead of time and sometimes last minute but ALWAYS with a willingness to help and big smile!
Day Job: College professor
Favorite CSA Pick: peaches, plums, and tomatoes that taste like peaches, plums and tomatoes!
Years in the CSA: 5


Summer 2009 Registration Coming Soon!


Registration for Summer 2009 Hellgate CSA shares will open very soon! Returning members will be invited to register first, followed by people who have signed up to our wait list. Here are the shares we will be offering:

Vegetable Share ($350.00) - Green Thumb Farm's basic produce share delivered once weekly to the distribution site. Includes tomatoes, squash, lettuce, eggplant, peppers, sweet potatoes, herbs, and more.  Distribution will be from June 9 - November 24, which works out to 25 weeks at $14/week.

March 10th Share


Good afternoon everyone! The share is being set-up as I type and there are some wonderful items, as usual, for us to enjoy during March. Below is the Omnivore and Veggie list. Please be advised there will be one other item per share, probably a jar of canned goods of some sort.

See you all at set-up.

1 lb. Potato
1 lb. Carrot
.3 lb. Garlic
.33 lb. Greens
2 lbs. Onion
1.5 lbs. Beans
3 dozen eggs
2 lbs. beef

Granola and Egg Update


As you know, eggs and granola that were part of Tuesday's share were not available at Tuesday's pickup. They will be delivered and available for pickup on Sunday. Please refer to the email you should have received from Hellgate CSA listing the place and time of pickup. If you did not receive an email about Sunday's pickup, please contact

Thank you for your patience and to everyone who made this second delivery possible.


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